With offices in over 25 countries around the world, GE Security is one of the biggest names in the security business. Having been dealing in electrical systems since Thomas Edison began General Electric in 1890, GE—ranked 7th by Fortune 500 in 2006—has built itself on professionalism and reliability. GE Security's dependability is renowned worldwide. GE was one of the security manufacturers whose systems Torino selected to protect the 2006 Winter Olympics. The University of Washington in Seattle employs the Casi Picture Perfect as their security system for their campus.

Today, GE Security is a leading manufacturer in wireless security and digital technology By utilizing Interlogix's expertise and research, GE Security, not only maintains leadership in home and business security, but also makes great technological strides in all forms of security. Knowing that security must move from passive to proactive, GE Security is currently laboring within the field of intelligent security—security systems that will be able to identify threats, not just motion, thereby eliminating false alarms




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